Sales and marketing

amERP provides a single platform to centrally control the entire sales operation thereby saving time and money. You will be able to monitor sales via multiple channels including sales made by field agents in remote locations which contributes to boost revenue and increase market reach.

With AmERP, the availability of real time stock updates enables your sales teams to place sales orders more effectively without conflicts. This mechanism of demand planning in AmERP empowers you to improve the accuracy of forecasts and build the confidence of your customers.

Large sales organizations require complex commission structures to be put in place. Amrikteck Inc, AmERP provides the facility to assign varying structures to each entity, which will ensure that commissions are calculated and distributed based on the rules defined.

AmERP uses existing business data to identify sales patterns and trends of a specific region, dealer, agent, product type, price brand and even customers. You will also be able to analyze weak areas that require more attention and fine-tune the sales strategy of your organization.

Supply Chain

AmERP Procurement Journeys enables a comprehensive vendor profile to be stored and managed, which can be used for the Accounts Payable functionality and efficient credit control. Users can calculate the actual cost of shipments or received goods. It also enables the flexible management of purchase returns in an effective manner.

AmERP Journeys enables you to manage the acquisition, storage and dispatch of goods efficiently while having a comprehensive view of all items in stock. This helps your organization drive down inventory management costs and increase operational performance thus ensuring the timely delivery of goods to your customers.


AmERP allows your organization to maintain healthy, strong relationships with customers while efficiently managing their credit limits through a platform that allows them to have complete oversight over all outstanding balances, ensuring that their specific needs are met.

AmERP provides extensive visibility and control over the financial relationship with suppliers which enables organizations to drive down unnecessary costs through the adoption of best business practices. The ability to manage the entire purchasing process makes AmERP a tool that drives business excellence.

AmERP makes managing and tracking customer credit limits easier by allowing you to set up alerting thresholds in order to notify customers as well as sales teams when customer credit limits are approaching. Late payment charges can also be configured to be automatically posted to the customer account.

With AmERP you can set recurring journal entries which will have to be posted at set intervals. These journal entries include accruals, prepayments, adjustments and reversals. The automatic posting of required entries at pre-specified times ensures improved accuracy and convenience.

Tax structures can be defined within the system which can be applied whenever required. The tax structures can be applied for customer groups in order to associate the required structure with customers in that region. This enables organizations to transact across multiple locations via a single platform.

With AmERP, your organization can easily manage spending and replenishment of petty cash. Workflow rules can be set to control the petty cash management while providing flexibility for the organization to manage its daily operations.

Large organizations with global operations need to have a consolidated view of all its subsidiaries financial statement. AmERP facilitates this consolidation by addressing each statement item individually and then mapping them under the specific classifications.

AmERP provides the platform to manage fixed assets which enables recording of multiple parameters of a fixed asset and defining the depreciation policy. This includes the useful life and the salvage value and helps decide when to dispose the asset or buy a new one.

AmERP provides a total budgeting facility for the organization to plan their financial strategy. Actual results can be mapped against the budget to identify variances and evaluate the financial performance of individual units as well as the organization as a whole.

Organizational financial reports can be generated via amERP at any point of time for any desired financial period. Templates can be created and saved for the generation of statutory statements and custom designed statements. This provides greater management insight into the organization’s financial performance.

Projects and Services

AmERP enables the creation and management of projects where work breakdown structures can be created and activities and documents mapped to each work item. You are able to commence a project immediately and keep track of its progress regularly, giving the management extensive perspective of the project.

With AmERP, jobs can be created and assigned to a specific project or contract. You can also track direct and indirect costs, and resources allocated to each job. This increases the visibility and accuracy of job costing, providing your organization with a distinct edge in terms of managing costs efficiently.

Preventive maintenance contracts can be created in order to schedule and manage tasks efficiently, and keep track of accurate costing and billing. AmERP provides the facility to set automated billing periods for each contract and ensures a continuous cash inflow from long-term contracts.

AmERP provides comprehensive and dynamic Resource Management with functionalities that spans across the enterprise resources utilized by your organization. Each resource will be uniquely identified by AmERP and will be assigned with its own cost factors. Standard costing principles are applied to ensure all activities and resources are tracked, measured and variances monitored.


With AmERP production journeys the BOM can be created by defining all the raw materials/components/sub-assemblies required to form the finished good. AmERP Production journeys helps maintain different versions of the BOM and record full BOM change history tracking details which helps smoothen the production process.

AmERP production model enables you to easily create finite and infinite production model for a finished good by defining the batch quantity and the BOM. Moreover, a pricing profile can also be defined to record the cost raw materials, overheads and resource costs.

AmERP makes production easy by automatically generating the task for the shop floor as well as machine operators. The generated task consists of each step of the job, which simplifies the process for your employees and ensures that the production takes place smoothly.

With AmERP the amount of material required can be planned swiftly. Production schedules can also be defined which guarantees the availability of material, on which the MRP is carried out, and also of the components defined in the BOM, streamlining the overall production process.